Monday, May 4, 2015

Live Scan San Jose

Live Scan in San Jose

What is a live scan and why do we have to do it?

Live Scan is an inkless fingerprinting process that electronically transmits fingerprint records to the California Department of Justice in a matter of seconds. Live Scan technology replaces the process of recording fingerprints using messy ink, and shortens the process of background clearances to a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Prints submitted through the Live Scan process allows the DOJ to coordinate any additional processing that is necessary such as forwarding the prints to the FBI.

As an employer, we are complying with the law and ensuring that our employees are wonderful individuals and ensuring that we have only the best working for us. There are unfortunately a lot of bad people out there and to make sure you are protected as a client of our establishment we utilize a live scan method.  Here are the services we have to offer you:

Live Scan and Background Check Services

All applicant fingerprint submissions must be transmitted electronically. Live Scan digital submissions provide the quickest way to submit and process background checks.

Live Scan technology allows digitally scanned fingerprints and related information to be submitted electronically to the Department of Justice within a matter of minutes and allows criminal background checks to be processed usually within 72 hours.

In California, fingerprinting must be done by a certified fingerprint roller or qualified law enforcement personnel. which our PostalAnnex+ locaiton is certified for.

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